Ely Highway

Length: 120 miles (2.5 to 3.5 hours), with an additional 57 miles (1 hour) to Ely
Overall Rating:
06 - Recommended with Caveats
06 - Pleasant, barren
02 - Mostly straight
09 - Quiet

Frisco – it’s one of those names ingrained in the lore of the old West (and unfortunately in my memory from the cheesy dialog in some 70s cop shows, but that’s another story). This ghost town is one of the more well preserved towns in Utah, and if ghosts are real it’s where you’d likely find them. It was a violent place and known for its daily murders, perhaps much closer to the movie version of the West than most pioneer settlements of the time.

It’s much quieter these days, and you won’t see many travelers between the town of Beaver and the Nevada state line. You will see a nice cross-section of the Utah Basin and Range country, with long stretches of very straight road in the basins and sweeping curves through the hills. Continuing at the Nevada border (as Nevada 487) you’ll join US route 6 on its way to Ely, skirting the edge of Great Basin National Park.

If you’re looking for a route from southern Utah’s national parks through central Nevada, this enjoyable route is a nice mix of scenery, history and solitude.

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