Quiet Drives

  • Wind River Road

    Fun, curvy and quiet forest road through Gifford Pinchot National Forest. … more
  • Elk Valley

    A little-known corner in BC's southern Rockies, with abundant wildlife and views. … more
  • Ely Highway

    A nice and quiet stretch of road through Utah's basin and range country. … more
  • Bow Valley Parkway

    An alternate, quieter route between Banff and Lake Louise in beautiful Banff National Park. … more
  • Spirit Lake Hwy

    A haunting drive through the devastated landscape surrounding Mt St Helen. … more
  • Lower Nicola

    Quiet and twisting canyon drive between Merritt and Spences Bridge. … more
  • Pine Pass

    BC's northernmost route through the Rockies, travelling through vast stretches of sub-boreal forest. … more
  • Humbug Mountain

    One of the quieter sections of the 101, on Oregon's beautiful southern coast. … more
  • Whitespar Hwy

    A descent from the Prescott National Forest to the low Sonoran desert. … more
  • Mount Hood

    The less-traveled approach to Mt Hood, on the eastern side of the mountain. … more
  • Grande Cache

    A long, remote road along the foothills and forests from Grande Prairie to Hinton. … more
  • Million Dollar Hwy

    Colorado's best. Impressive canyon and mountain scenery (keep your eyes on road!). … more
  • Yellowhead Pass

    Route through the north-central Rockies, centering on the spectacular Mt Robson. … more
  • Thompson Canyon

    Views of the Thompson River's spectacular White Canyon and whitewater rapids further upstream. … more
  • Royal Gorge

    Follows the Arkansas River from Cañon City to Salida - and a walk over a 1000-foot high bridge! … more