Humbug Mountain

Length: 28 miles (40 minutes to 2 hours)
Overall Rating:
08 - Highly Recommended
09 - Dramatic
06 - Mixed
07 - Occasional Traffic

This stretch of the US 101 is probably the most isolated on the otherwise well-traveled Oregon Coast Highway. The great thing about the 101 is that it has made Oregon’s coastal beauty very accessible; but that can also be a problem when the hordes of tourists (them, not us!) arrive in summer. It’s not that the beaches are ever crowded — it’s just that the road can be a bit busy.

The drive centers around Humbug Mountain (the highest mountain directly on the Oregon shoreline), starting in the north at Port Orford and ending at Gold Beach. You’re directly along the shoreline for long stretches near Port Orford and Nesika Beach, and are otherwise a bit inland and higher to avoid steep cliffs into the water. While you can see much from the road, you’ll need to take advantage of the numerous roadside stops to really appreciate the drive– whether it be to admire the ocean vistas, whale-watch near Port Orford, or walk the long beach between Ophir and Nesika Beach.

Now, you may ask: “why the name ‘Humbug’”? It relates to some explorers getting lost on the mountain. If you'd like to get out of the car and go for a hike yourself — without the getting lost part — Humbug Mountain State Park has some well-marked trails to the top.

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