Old Woman Springs

Length: 45 miles (45 min to 1 hour)
Overall Rating:
03 - From Point A to Point B
05 - Indifferent
02 - Mostly straight
05 - Moderate Traffic

There’s a certain beauty in a long, straight stretch of pavement on a desert valley floor. This highway between Yucca Valley / Joshua Tree and Lucerne has that in spades. At 45 miles long, though, you may find yourself getting a little bored — and perhaps yearning for the splendid roads of the nearby San Bernardino National Forest.

While there are better desert drives to the east, this drive can be part of a bypass route to avoid the Los Angeles basin. At the drive's end in Lucerne there are number of options to continue the bypass; the most interesting is a turn south on CA 18 to the national forest. A shorter route is to take CA 18 westward to Victorville, although that is much busier and has lengthy urban stretches.

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