Harrison Hot Springs

Overall Rating:
07 - Recommended
08 - Beautiful
06 - Mixed
05 - Busy, quieter off-peak

This short but sweet BC route centers around the village of Harrison Hot Springs and its namesake lake. The first part is a rural highway into the village. The highway ends at the village and we continue the drive on the slow 40 km/h Rockwell Drive. This skirts the eastern shore of Harrison Lake and has some great views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The drive terminates at the Green Point day use area of Sasquatch Provincial Park, which is a great spot for a picnic or swim.

If you don’t mind good gravel roads, you can continue from Green Point to the small Deer Lake or Hicks Lake parts of the park for day-use or camping. There’s also the superb Harrison East Forestry road (be warned: it’s rough gravel and you may encounter logging trucks) — we'll have a write-up on that road in the future.

Unless you're into people-watching, weekdays (or off-season) is the best time to take this drive. The village can become a bottleneck in the peak of summer.

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