British Columbia

Thanks to the almost impossibly mountainous terrain, it's almost hard to find a road that isn't scenic in British Columbia. One problem is that all those mountains make road building very difficult, and as a result there are few that cross the province. Traffic can bunch up behind the seasonal RVers and frustrate the best of us, but if you know how and when to avoid the arterial routes you can still get to some amazing and quiet places.

For the truly adventurous and prepared, BC also has a huge network of forest service roads (FSRs) that reach into the wilderness. We'll include a number of them, but make sure to check out the BC Forest Service Roads page for details.

  • Pine Pass

    BC's northernmost route through the Rockies, travelling through vast stretches of sub-boreal forest. … more
  • Yellowhead Pass

    Route through the north-central Rockies, centering on the spectacular Mt Robson. … more
  • Lower Nicola

    Quiet and twisting canyon drive between Merritt and Spences Bridge. … more
  • Thompson Canyon

    Views of the Thompson River's spectacular White Canyon and whitewater rapids further upstream. … more
  • Elk Valley

    A little-known corner in BC's southern Rockies, with abundant wildlife and views. … more
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