Whitespar Hwy

Length: 44 miles (1 to 1.5 hours)
Overall Rating:
08 - Highly Recommended
07 - Picturesque
08 - Mostly Great
07 - Occasional Traffic

This drive covers some diverse Arizona ground between Prescott and Congress. From the east you leave the semi-arid Prescott valley and rise up to the west side of Prescott National Forest, and after a few straights in the Wilhoit/Yarnell area, you'll descend to the low (and hot) Sonoran desert at Congress.

While the scenery is no slouch for most of the drive, it's probably not the primary reason you're on this road. The real attraction is the seriously twisty sections through the eastern half and the hill down into Congress. You’ll be hanging onto the steering wheel for most of it!

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